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Martial arts classes normally makes you think of self-defense, being strong, fit and safe. The truth is, it’s all that and WAY more! Get started today!

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Your Child Will Grow With Every Class

Children are like sponges. They absorb things quickly and easily – far more easily than we do as adults. In fact, parents can sometimes see a difference in their kids after just one martial arts class. Each additional class they attend increases their knowledge and growth.

Improve Your Child's Confidence

Many children who first start our classes are very shy. Our Programs and Instructors will help to bring them out of their shell. Your child will begin to walk a little taller, start to make eye contact, and will build their courage every time they step on the Mat.

Helps with Fitness

Our classes really are for all children! Many kids do not thrive in a Team Sports setting or are not naturally athletic. Our classes will help your child improve their strength, flexibility, and athleticism all while having a ton of fun!


Our whole family goes to Bill Gregory's Kajukenpo, and we love it. Sifu is amazing and I really love how much self-defense we are learning, especially for my girls. Totally recommend BGK!

Allie D.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and training with Sifu Rob over the last few years. In that time, he has proven that he is dedicated to his art and is determined to pass it on so that the next generation can prosper. I recently had the privilege of going and watching one of his "Dragonfly" kids classes and it is one of the best I've seen in almost two decades of training. I highly recommend his school to any and all that would take that step to better themselves.

Nic R.

Great place to learn, grow, and have fun!

Derek D.

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Only 10 Spots Remaining Limited Time Offer!

Privacy Guaranteed